Understanding the Technology-Mediated Home Phlebotomy Ecosystem in India


The increasing platformization of healthcare services in India, in the wake of COVID-19, has resulted in huge demand for home phlebotomy. However, there is a limited understanding of the impact of digitization on home phlebotomists’ workflows. To address this gap, we conducted 26 semi-structured interviews with home phlebotomists, riders, and patients, supplemented by observations of the entire workday of 3 phlebotomists. We found that home phlebotomists’ technology-mediated workflows are organized in ways that enable them to build strong support networks of human infrastructure, helping them negotiate and optimize their daily workflows. Moreover, while digitization of their workflows resulted in continued surveillance, it empowered them to justify their decisions and present evidence of work when needed. Based on our findings, we discuss implications for equitable platform work and future of platformized health, and conclude with design recommendations for telehealth platforms offering home phlebotomy services.

Under review at the ACM Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing (CSCW 2023)
Nimisha Karnatak
Nimisha Karnatak
CS Ph.D. Student

I conduct human-centered research in the domain of healthcare and accessibility.